Notes From a Sauna

The air conditioning broke this week. If you are a Collections Manager, Curator, or Registrar your head just exploded.

If you work at Biltmore, you are used to it.

The first floor, which houses the majority of our collection, has stayed suitably cool. Descending the stone steps to the Central Gallery is not unlike stepping into the bottom of a dark well. All the lights are off, and the humming of the dehumidifiers makes the whole place feel like the heart of an enormous machine.

The second floor is a different story. Sunlight from the river shoots death rays through our windows and my once comfortable office chair feels like a sweaty handshake. Covering the windows with foam core helps, but it sure does make it dark:

The general consensus amongst the staff is that we don’t care so much about personal comfort — our priority is the stability of the collection.

All this is to say: if you have a spare cooling tower kicking around we would love to take it off your hands.

Check back soon for more updates from the surface of the sun.


3 thoughts on “Notes From a Sauna

  1. Ack! Poor you and the poor collections! (And the poor archives. Sniffle.) Hope you are all cool and comfortable soon!


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