And Everything was in Riotous Bloom

Yolima put on her fancy pants this past Friday and left us for the Historic Landscape Institute at Monticello. She is always learning new things and finding ways to improve our twelve acre site. Yolima arrives very early in the morning and she is often the first person I see when I stumble in at 9. I missed her this morning, so as I wandered through the grounds feeling bereft I snapped a few pictures of her glorious handiwork.

If you haven’t taken a stroll through our gardens lately, it is high time. See for yourself:

Not a day goes by I do not feel privileged to work in this lovely place.


2 thoughts on “And Everything was in Riotous Bloom

  1. I often send potential volunteers to Jolima. She has more Saturday hours than we do at Norfolk Botanical Garden. I admire what she does with the volunteers. She is fearless.

  2. The Monarda, Rubeckia, Hydrangea, Oaks are spectaculer! The beauty of a garden museum is that it is always changing and MUST be visited frequently! Yolima and Mrs. Sloane provide us with a masterpiece.

    Kerri Stokes MD

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