Internet, Meet Interns

Can you believe Colin drove all the way to Canada last week? It was rough around here without him.The good news is he brushed up on his wood-chopping and flannel-wearing skills while he was away:

This picture was actually taken in Canada.

We can all agree those are important skills to include on your resume. Another special skill is changing light bulbs — a task which Colin completed with great alacrity mere moments after arriving back at work. I was all, “oh hello Colin, nice to see you; can you please change these light bulbs?” I don’t like climbing ladders, yasee.

In other news: it is H-O-T in Norfolk. Our temperamental, long-suffering air conditioner is chugging away with the energy of a much younger model.  The staff’s collective fingers are crossed that it will last through this latest heat wave. It’s awfully hard to believe that Mr. and Mrs. Sloane lived here without air conditioning for so many years. I would have spent the years 1905-1950 half-crazed, a cool washcloth pressed against my eyes.

What on earth have we been up to behind the scenes? Well, first and foremost, we have some new faces working with us for the summer. Internet, meet Nina, the first of three Curatorial interns.

Nina just finished her freshman year at UVA where she is majoring in art history. We are all very impressed with Nina so far, particularly because she is so young. I mean, what were you doing the summer after your first year of college? I’m pretty sure I was working as a lifeguard and accumulating parking tickets. Nina’s main project is helping Yolima research the origins of the long overgrown formal gardens, and on Mondays she helps Sara organize the archives. I checked on the two of them last Monday — you would not believe the pages and pages of handwritten lists they are generating. The two of them are doing such thorough work, and though it is tedious it is crucial to the ultimate usefulness of those resources. I am so excited to [eventually] have a working archive!

The Hermitage loves Sara

In other news, the view from my desk is rather pleasing this afternoon:

Colin, Ashley and I are doing some serious movin’ and shakin’ in collections storage. Look at them go! We’ve found some interesting objects over the last few weeks; expect to see a fresh round of art and artifacts on display in the house by the end of the summer. Even better: all this hard work will mean a search-able, online database of our collection by the end of the year — mark my words.


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