Museum Happenings: Cesar Romero

What are you doing Thursday night? Are you in the Norfolk area? Mad Men is on Sunday so I’m guessing you don’t have plans.

Why not come out to the Hermitage for our contemporary gallery opening? The artist, Cesar Romero, will be there to answer all of your questions. Promise me you’ll come and I will spend most of Thursday afternoon artfully arranging cheese on plates. The galleries are open 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM.

Kate, Melissa, and Cesar have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for the last two weeks. Here is a glimpse at the installation process:

I won’t give it all away just yet — come see for yourself at the opening.

And now some serious words about our artist:

Cesar Augusto Romero is a contemporary oil painter and engraver living in Bogota, Colombia. Romero’s most powerful influence is nature, thanks to a childhood spent largely outdoors and alive in the natural world. The Sailors’ Dreams series is duly inspired by symbols found in drawings by Colombia’s indigenous cultures, as Romero draws enormous inspiration from the geometric abstractions found in aboriginal art. The Sailors’ Dreams series is a journey through the mysterious depths of the ocean – a silent place inhabited by whimsical creatures. Romero’s enchanting versions of aquatic life forms are awash in color and delight the eye. His muses – sirens, coral, mermaids, octopi – are suspended in water and steeped in a collective cultural unconscious. Romero’s work serves as his urgent call to arms: we are entrusted with this fragile world and we must work together to preserve it for future generations.

UPDATE: I forgot to tell you that DJ Cornbread is going to provide the music. So if you have a move and you need to bust it… this is your chance.


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