Don’t worry, I wasn’t eaten by bears.

I must have stumbled into a wormhole in the Hermitage time/space continuum because WHOA is time moving quickly. Let’s hop in the way-back machine and catch everyone up:

Things That Are Happening, A List

1.The name of the game is Painting Gallery. The Florence K. Sloane Painting Gallery, to be precise. We have lights! Paintings are hung! Do you have any idea what a difference proper lighting makes in the display and interpretation of beautiful works of art? It is quite literally the difference between night and day. My hours spent putting together the new gallery have been some of the best I’ve spent at the Hermitage thus far — I simply can’t believe how beautiful the paintings look. Sublime, y’all. This process has been such an enormous labor of love for me and everyone else involved. I do hope you will come have a look in November. I have plenty more to say about the painting gallery, but that will wait until another day.

2. My absence from the blog can be explained in one word: EVENTS. Do you have any idea how many events we are running? I mean, seriously, do you know? Because I have a callous from opening beer bottles. Between Sunsets on the River, Cesar Romero’s opening, movies on the lawn, a myriad of weddings, daytime meetings and lectures, the heirloom plant sale, and Appraisal Days, I feel like we’ve done little else besides haul chairs and break down tables.

Don’t think I’m complaining; our efforts are for good. The Hermitage is THE place to see and be seen in Norfolk (or so I’m told — I’m always here). We’ve got record numbers signing up for museum memberships (THANK YOU, NEW MEMBERS!) and Megan is working her fingers to the bone trying to get membership packets in the mail. If you are reading this and you haven’t yet joined as a museum member then please — PLEASE — consider joining. I’m as shameless as they come. If you’re a friend of mine in a faraway place, you can join online by clicking here. Yes, that means you.

3. Our new docent training program is gathering momentum with Colin at the helm. Trainees meet every other Tuesday night in the Central Hall and discuss all kinds of Hermitage-related topics. If you have a hole in your heart that only being a docent can fill then call Colin or me to join up. We would be thrilled to teach you all we know about the 40,000 items in our care.

4. Did you know that BOTH upstairs galleries are getting a major face-lift? I talk about the painting gallery quite a bit, but we are also turning over the West Gallery to correspond with the painting gallery. Our large collection of bronze sculpture by Harriet Whitney Frishmuth is getting a new, brightly-lit home. I am ably assisted in this endeavor by our docent extraordinaire, Donna.

5. Upcoming events are thick on the ground, so get out your date books and start penciling us in!

October 15
Friday Night Films

October 21
Tidewater Art Alliance Miniature Exhibition
Opening Reception: October 21, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Exhibition: October 22 – December 1

October 24
All Hallows Eve
Fall Celebration for All Ages
1:00 – 7:00 p.m.

A photo-heavy post is up next. I’M BACK, BLOG-LAND!

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