The Gallery, it is Open

I promised you a behind-the-scenes look, so here it is:

Mere moments before today’s gallery opening I was vacuuming the ceiling.

Moving on!

The women and men of the Irene Leache Foundation (one of our granting agencies) joined us today for a soft opening of the painting gallery. I watched as groups of ladies read the labels and discussed each picture in turn. What a sight! The gallery is officially finished as of today and I couldn’t be more delighted. Please come by and have a look if you are in the area. I think I’ll start wearing a big button that says “Ask Me About the Painting Gallery” as there are about 60,000 more words I could have squeezed onto the labels.

It was a lovely afternoon. Many thanks, again, to the Irene Leache Foundation and the Virginia Commission for the Arts.

To the West Gallery I go!


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