Upcoming Do’s, If You Are Enthused

What’s this? The painting gallery again? Groooaan.

This is the absolute last time I will mention it on this blog. Just kidding; I probably will a few more times, like when we release our trademarked brand of Painting Gallery Face Cream(TM). It’s face cream that contains actual ground-up pieces of American masterpieces. How luxurious! Colin is test-driving it right now, and it is making his face just GLOW.

But seriously: mark your calendars because we’re having an event. Join me on February 25th at 10 AM for an informal gallery talk and refreshments. The event is free for members and students, $5 dollars for everyone else.  I have a lot to say about the exhibit, and there are a few interesting stories I haven’t told anyone else just yet. I’m saving the best for you. Here’s a hint … Helen Turner had some rather important friends in Paris.

Click below to view the official press release, and come visit!

Painting_Gallery press release


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