Breaking News & A Word on Interns

… the WISTERIA is blooming. Oh happy day.

But more importantly: are you a college student majoring in art history or museum studies? Were you thinking of doing a summer internship? Well, we have those! Go here to read more about our application requirements. I should mention that we are only planning on accepting ONE curatorial intern this summer, so the competition will be fierce. The deadline for summer internship applications is May 15th. (Get them in now, kids! I’ve already got a stack sitting on my desk.)

Speaking of interns, I’d like everyone to meet our latest addition to the Curatorial Department, Miss Resa Erickson:

Resa took a short break from cataloguing to tell me a little about herself.

So, Resa. Where did you do your undergrad?

James Madison University. I majored in art history.

And what are you up to now?

I am currently working on a masters in museum studies from Johns Hopkins University.

When will you finish your studies?

May 2011. I’m almost finished!

You also work across town at the Chrysler Museum. What is your job at the Chrysler?

I am the special events administrative assistant.

I gather you don’t want to work with brides for the rest of your life…

Of course I will miss them. All of my brides are special snowflakes; individual and unique.*

What are your ultimate career goals?

To work in collections management as a registrar!

If you could run out of here with one object under your arm, what would it be?

Hovsep Pushman’s At the Temple Door. I LOVE that painting! That or the spinach green jade herons.

(aforementioned Pushman painting)

We wish Resa all the best as she nears the end of her studies and leaves us for bigger and better things.Thanks for all your hard work this semester!


* denotes good-natured sarcasm.


West Gallery Pro-Gress Report

Progress on the [new] West Gallery is clipping right along. I am very pleased with the results thus far — the new space ties in so well with the Painting Gallery, making the whole second floor feel like a cohesive, self-guided unit. I paused this afternoon to take a few detail shots for those of you waiting with baited breath.

We should have it up and running by April 21st, if not sooner. Here are some teasers:

The real heroes of this project are Tom (Site Manager) and Frank (his trusty assistant), who are busy building me the largest display case ever conceived of by man or beast. I have big plans for this display case. You see, it is a table-top model and as such will allow me to start pulling [fragile] things out of the archives for your enjoyment. We have so much in storage just begging to be seen. You have no idea.