A Brief Interlude…

I bet you thought I fell into a ditch. Close: I’m on maternity leave.

The good news? I’ll be back in action September 5th.

I just wanted to pop in and urge everyone to keep an eye on the Virginia Association of Museum’s facebook page. The Hermitage is in the running for having one of Virginia’s most endangered artifacts — an 18th century Korean Sakyamuni Triad silk tapestry. Take some time to explore the other nominees from around the state — it’s a fascinating assemblage of stories and artifacts.

Though it is an arguably dubious honor, VAM’s initiative highlights our ongoing conservation efforts and draws statewide attention to the Hermitage’s [fabulous] collection. So, vote for the Hermitage! And remember: a vote for the Hermitage is a vote for my baby.


Also, VAM recently featured this here blog in one of their own blog posts on “Purposeful Museum Blogs.” Thanks, VAM! We are nothing if not purposeful. I never thought I’d see this blog alongside Museum 2.0. (Have you ever read Museum 2.0? It’s basically the New York Times of museum blogging.) Click here to read all about it, and I’ll see everyone after September 5th. Until then, be well!


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