Garden Week Countdown: 20 Days

The blog has lain woefully neglected as we busily prepare for Virginia Garden Week. If you aren’t from around here, you should know that Virginia Garden Week is a VERY BIG DEAL. What’s more, the Hermitage is featured on the cover of this year’s state-wide guide! It’s the first time in 25 years that a place from the Tidewater has been featured on the cover. We are bracing ourselves for the droves of visitors by making sure the windows are clean and the silver is polished.

The 100-year old wisteria pictured above (one of three around the house) greets visitors to the museum every springtime. Thanks to the incredibly mild winter the flowers are greeting us a bit early this year, but we don’t mind.

I shot this short video of the azaleas on the front drive last weekend. If you were walking by and saw a crazy woman hanging out her car — that was me! The reds are even more vivid today. Make sure you come visit while they are at their peak!

I’m off to Newport News to pick up some exhibition materials for a special Garden Week Installation. We’ve got two conservators working on the Great Hall and a swarm of gardeners hacking away outside. The Hermitage is a veritable hive of activity. More details to come, but for now click here to read more about Garden Week activities you might be interested in attending. I’m particularly pleased to mention that Peter Hatch, the venerable fellow in charge of Jefferson’s gardens at Monticello, is lecturing at the Hermitage in the afternoon. Afterwards, if you’re nice, he might even sign a copy of his latest book, entitled A Rich Spot of Earth: Thomas Jefferson’s Revolutionary Garden at Monticello.

As if all the activities surrounding Garden Week weren’t enough fun, we’ve gone and scheduled two more events in early May to keep you busy. Mark you calendars for the evening of May 1st, when Karl Green, antique appraiser to the stars, joins us for an evening of wine, cheese, a lecture, and an informal appraisal session. Mr. Green’s specialty is European Decorative Arts, but he won’t mind having a look at anything you think worthy of appraisal.

And then! On May 16th the Hermitage celebrates its 75th Anniversary with a resplendent riverside gala. Get out your glad rags and help us celebrate 75 years of art and community beside the lovely Lafayette River. If you haven’t received our save-the-date, contact Megan Frost for more details.

Happy Spring, y’all!