Sunken Gardens and Sushi Breaks.

Two posts in two days! Clearly we have some serious things going on around here. The always family friendly Friday Night Movies (Singing in the Rain this Friday the 10th, Wizard of Oz the 24th) continue to draw excellent crowds, kids art camps are full and appear to be successful at returning your kids more covered in paint than you left them and Yolima is rebuilding the sunken garden by the water tower in hopes of fulfilling her fantasy of living at the Hermitage in the 1930s.

With the gracious support of the Algonquin Garden Club we have been able to put $3,500 towards the gardens restoration. I would give you the complete low down, but that would be stealing the thunder from Yolima’s upcoming Newsletter article. Until then enjoy some of these photos of the progress at hand. 



As for me…I will be taking my lunch breaks in Japan for two weeks. Enjoy the rest of August!



Florence Returns!…as a weakening tropical depression

As a lifelong surfer I wait with great anticipation for the coming of hurricane season. As the curator of an Arts and Crafts mansion I cringe at the thought of tropical systems creeping up the Atlantic coastline. After the great excitement of hurricane Colin a few years back (sadly, I was underwhelming as a storm) I was incredibly pleased to see tropical storm Florence brewing off the coast of Africa. 

Topping off at 60 mph winds, Florence looked as though she was going to power through the deep ocean and turn up the gulf stream for a quick visit. Alas, dry air, relatively cooler waters and wind shear dismantled the system leaving a weak depression that stands little chance of becoming the amazing hurricane Mrs. Sloane deserves.

Instead I will leave you with a wonderful satellite image of Florence’s last hurrah in the ocean. Please note the additional systems coming off of Africa…I am thinking we are in for an active fall.ImageImage