At least it’s not the roof, am I right?

My political opinions are just that, opinions.  While I wish people would adhere to Colinomics, Colincare and Colin Security the likelihood of any of these taking root in our society are as likely as a moon base being built (fingers are still crossed for one). That said, I felt in the heat of this political season you all might enjoy an image that shares some common ground with at least one political figure. No bias here…just poking fun and including some Herm history. 



Docents Return and here is some art.

If you are in the Little Library and notice a few pieces that look like they are some sort of ceramic or enamel then I think you will be surprised to know they are actually glass. 

Peking Glass

While glass had been produced in China from as early as 300 B.C.E. the widely popular “Peking Glass” was actually introduced by a German Jesuit priest in the 17th century.  Having been a relatively unpopular material up until this point, glass would finally receive Imperial patronage under Emperor Kang Xi (1662-1722).  It was during his reign that a German missionary was given the position of supervising the development of an Imperial crafts workshop within the Forbidden City.  By incorporating western techniques into the production of both glass and enamel the workshop achieved great success among the Chinese court.

Originally Peking glass was meant to imitate porcelain.  As it became more of a commodity it began to receive different treatment methods.  These later techniques employed an overlaid system of layers that were partially carved away, creating a cameo effect.  In the 18th century this production style became the standard method of producing glass in China.  Some of the most common objects found using this medium were beaded necklaces and snuff bottles.  This is largely in part because of the commercial value of both of these items, which the Imperial Court was quick to recognize.



Ask a Curator Day, September 19th

Next to March 1st, national pig lovers and peanut butter lovers day, September 19th has to be my favorite. Why you ask? Well, it is national ask a curator day and seeing as how I am a curator I feel this relates to me specifically. Hooray for being relevant one day a year!

With that said bring on the questions…. 

Leave a post on our Facebook page, twitter account or this blog and I will do my absolute best to answer your questions. A lucky few will have their questions answered by yours truly via a video response. 

**It is also national butter scotch pudding day so show a little love to some snack packs tomorrow. **

Giving Back Awards

Remember that time you said, “Man, the Hermitage is an awesome place. I wish there was something I could do to make it double awesome.” Well…here is your chance. Without stroking a check or plopping down five bucks to visit you can help us by simply clicking your mouse a few times.

Go to:

Vote for The Hermitage Museum and Gardens.  Help recognize a fantastic non-profit organization and win my love all at the same time. 

Side Note: Please continue to stroke checks and visit. If you don’t the art cries.

Did you miss me? No? Well then….

Ohhh internet family it has been a few weeks too long since we have chatted…my apologies. My post vacation coma has ended and the realities of having to work are beginning to manifest themselves in the forms of Sunsets on the River, Movies and Plant Sales. Hooray for the fall lineup! Trust me, that exclamation point is meant as genuine enthusiasm.

I have a notepad full of things I would like to share with you over the coming weeks so please let me back into your lives. I promise not to go on vacation again.*





*Promises are subject to change