Okay, so we weren’t flooded to the point where we evolved and grew gills like everyone’s favorite actor Kevin Costner, but we were as close to that scenario as we have ever been.  We managed to avoid serious damage from hurricane Sandy (much love to all those up north and if you haven’t already, donate to the relief)….and just when we thought we were in the clear…POP… a pipe blows out in the wall between the master bedroom and little library. Leaking is an understatement, we had full on waterfalls gushing from every crevice in sight. Some choice language was exchanged then there was the, “Colin! Colin! Colin!” chant that spread rhythmically throughout the halls and within minutes we were all moving art, furniture, killing water supplies and running for towels. Once the deluge turned into a sprinkle we began to look for clues as to where this was all coming from.  It would take a few hours of digging and dismembering to get to the source and that’s where we are today. As we dry out and move forward I will keep you all in the loop. For now take a gander at the aftermath. 








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