State of the Herm Address

I know, I know…it’s been awhile. It has nothing to do with you, honestly, it’s me. I don’t think it is any reason to break up though, so let’s just brush this under the Persian rug and move on.

There has been plenty going on here over the last few months. I left you with fear in your hearts as we were dealing with a new crisis. I let the suspense build and then completely cut you off. I was not trying to tease you for this long, but other distractions got in the way (pretty girls, books, touching art, strategic plans, no directors, interns, babies born and the McRib) . Heck, I made it my New Years resolution to be better about blogging…off to a great start, right?

Anyway, we are still dealing with the fallout of that event. That said we are moving along at a very smooooth pace and have completed all of the cleaning and restoration of the plaster and paint in and around the damaged areas. Hoorrayy!!! High Fives to Suzanne Collins for making things look not broken and sad.

We continue to court conservators to restore the woodwork in the bedroom (why this isn’t a TV show is a mystery to me); meaning we are a bit off from having the room reopened for visitors. March/April comes to mind for having everything back in place, but there are no guarantees in the cut throat, edge of your seat world like a house museum.

Focusing on me for a minute (which you should twice a day, at least) I am well underway in the creation of the Hermitage’s first book. Titled….drummmm rolllll……..Hermitage Museum and Gardens. I know, groundbreaking, you need not say more. Look for it at your favorite bookstore this fall, or on Amazon, or at this museum. It will have pictures, words and my name on it. Everything you could possibly want in a piece of literature!

Cooler news than that involves our most awesome of paintings: Sir Edward Poynters, Cave of the Storm Nymphs. It is on loan to the Yale Center for British Art for the exhibition

Edwardian Opulence: British Art at the Dawn of the Twentieth Century

If you are in New Haven check it out. If you are not in New Haven, go to New Haven and check it out. I know I am…it’s my job.

Happy Valentines Day.





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