Poynter, Yale, Opulence

Nothing is cooler than getting actual hard mail. None of this digital jazz with attachments and links to male enhancement pills. Letters from people who actually exist and free exhibition catalogs are all I need, thank you very much.

After blacking out to word documents sometime around 1 pm I arose to the sound of, “Colin, you got real mail.” Ummm…what? Pretty sure I usually get junk mail and the occasional cool auction house letter (wish I still got Highlights Magazine) . What is this “real” mail you speak of? Turns out it was a fresh smelling copy of the show catalog for Edwardian Opulence, which our Poynter painting is in:


….And according to the New York Times the show is not a waste of time:


I would show you pictures of my copy, but I’ve got a feeling there are legal boundaries which would restrict me from sharing the pages I want. My suggestion to you is to buy the book, support the arts and learn something in the process. Win, win, win.




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