She isn’t dead, but she did go to a farm

Intense, right? I like to draw you in with serious headlines and then proceed to disappoint you with sub-par blog entries.

Back to the title…

In January this museum lost its director of eight years to another institution. I won’t lie, I was shocked. Not a bad, “why are you leaving us” cry for help, but rather a heavy, “Huh?”  There was (and still is) a level of camaraderie that will be difficult to replace and I think that is what bothered me the most; that and she left me to deal with the insurance company *shakes fists*

But seriously, she was a great director, friend and mentor. Since she has been gone we (the staff) have resorted to a tribal like atmosphere similar to Lord of the Flies and can be found sacrificing Canadian Geese in the rose garden to appease the museum gods.

I kid, again.

Actually we have been very productive and look forward to what a new director can offer this institution. Hopefully they do not bring a filter to this most uncouth of social outlets otherwise I will be moderately devastated.

In conclusion…. if you are ever in Middleburg, VA stop in the National Sporting Library and Museum, ask for Melanie Mathewes and see if you can’t get a free tour.

The Board of Trustees donated to have a painting restored in her honor. This will be the plaque beside it once it is back on the wall. Also note reigning Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco who inspires me to curate at a less than elite, but better than average level.



3 thoughts on “She isn’t dead, but she did go to a farm

  1. Another excellent post. I especially like the references to Lord of the Flies and Joe Flacco (who is at least being PAID as if he is an elite quarterback…that’s gotta’ count, right?).

    • Thank you for the feedback Liz! the rest of my audience leaves me in limbo, which means it cant be that bad…being that the internet is a great place to slander someone anonymously.

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