This Guy….



Did you know that Bill Paxton is one of two actors who has fought an Alien, Predator and a Terminator? He was also great in Twister.

Did you know that Edmund Kean is regarded by most to have been a better actor than Bill Paxton? I know, doubtful…

Just because you have a Derby figure made of you portraying Richard III in the early 19th century doesn’t mean you are better than this….


Apparently Mrs. Sloane disagrees with me and decided to purchase a set of these objects from Christie Manson & Woods in London, England. Then again she did not have Bill in 1929, so I guess we can’t fault her.

Kean, by the way, is one of the greatest Shakespearean actors of the 19th century. How do  I know this? I don’t…but I do trust books and old reviews of his plays.




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