Bedroom Repairs

We (as in professionals, not me) have taken down two of the walls in the master bedroom for repairs. They were taken off site for treatment and will return in a few months to be put back up in a far more attractive state. Here are some photos of the disassembling.




Surprisingly, or maybe not, there were only a few carpenters nails keeping this attached to the substrate. This is why there was substantial bowing in the veneer.


bedroom-restoration-april-13 (24)



bedroom-restoration-april-13 (27)





How are art dealers greeted by St. Peter?

I am a relatively lighthearted individual who tries to find some sort of humor in even the saddest of moments. So when a letter pops up regarding the suicide of one Mrs. Sloane’s art dealers you can be sure I sat back and let out a heavy sigh. 

I immediately followed that sigh with a chuckle as I read the note that followed,


 It appears that I am not the only one who has the ability to be inappropriate at the wrong time.