We are putting a hot tub in the Master Bedroom


The hot tub is about to come out of the truck when…..

…it transformed into our Poynter painting. As you can see the conditions were not particularly fitted for unloading artwork, but we said screw it and it did it anyway. Don’t worry….the piece was in a top of the line space technology fused hydrodynamic crate that creates its own atmosphere, aka a trash bag.

Of course I am joking. The painting was well protected and I say thank you again to ARTEX for bringing it back safe and sound.

In other news the walls are back! Re-instillation has begun in the Master Bedroom and we should have the space ready to go by the end of the week. I will be putting objects back in the space when they are finished and then you can proceed to tell me what you don’t like about what I’ve done with the room! Curatorial Democracy at its finest.



If you are in the area over the next few days you can watch the work happen in real time. Otherwise, I will be posting lots of pics of the work and finished space once Carey and his team are done.


Happy St. Metrophanes Day!

St. Metrophanes was the bishop of Byzantium from 306 to around 326.  It is thought he might have been best of bros with Emperor Constantine who was so pumped on his faith as bishop that it might have swayed him to make the imperial capital Byzantium, on the Hellespont. Either way it is his feast day today, so toast to him tonight when you unwind from a hard days work.

Did I mention our St. Metrophane icon and oklad? He is clothed in black hooded robes holding an open volume of the scriptures, with a vignetted of the Madonna and Child at the upper left. This piece was made in Moscow, Russia in 1835 and was purchased by Mrs. Sloane in 1948.