Ive got my windows closed and my HVAC up

There are movie museum positions with desks and budgets directly attached to the federal government where your day is all art all the time. You get sweet looking lab jackets over your incredibly professional clothing. You stride through hallways with confidence and a posture like you landed a lunar module with a calculator. All of the visitors gawk at your awesomeness and say, “president, pshhh…I want to be a curator, exhibitions manager or an archivist when I grow up.” You high five actual paintings within your institution and the ghosts of dead artists tell you how good of a job you are doing. Life is pretty damn good in that world.

…and then there are real museum positions with plungers, clogged toilets, wonky electrics, interesting smells and curious temperature fluctuations. Is that a dead rat, or raccoon? Cause if its a rat, it’s huge! What do you mean acid free tissue paper is $500 bucks a roll? I know, the labeling sucks…you’re right the Met’s is better. No, I haven’t seen how so and so does their lighting. Yes, I will look into it. It’s not in the budget, sorry bro.

and yet, life is still pretty damn good.




2 thoughts on “Ive got my windows closed and my HVAC up

  1. Heads up to all you interested wedding people. That brown spot on the lawn is getting a month of treatment starting this week. We like to keep things real pretty like here.

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