Read Me!

A picture is worth a thousand words……

…a label is somewhere between 20-200 and does a pretttty great job of telling you what it is you are standing in front of.

Slowly we have introduced labels to objects in the Sloane collection and I personally feel like it is a success. You may hate knowing what is in front of you, but the majority of us enjoy a bit of description. Don’t worry! I haven’t slapped a sticker on everything (yet, mwhahaha),but trust me when I say the Hermitage has plenty of charm even with a few labels around.

ImageOhh….this is just the beginning. 

ImageDid you know this stuff was Russian? Well it is…..let’s keep learning shall we?

ImageOhhhh Jane Shore, maybe you shouldn’t have slept with Edward IV.

ImageThailand? check. Burma? check. Cambodia? check. Bad photography? double check

ImageNephrite and Jadeite, we’ve got it. So much that i’ll be rotating jade pieces for months.

ImageThis guy has been hanging around for weeks. Fishing the same spot every single day. He has nothing to do with labels, but I am taking it as a sign of “longevity.” Thanks Eastern symbolism! 








3 thoughts on “Read Me!

    • Great Question!

      The collection is a major focus, but what these labels don’t tell is how they got to the museum, who are the Sloanes, why they collected, how the house was built, the architects, woodcarving, etc…

      Even in the case of those objects with labels there is still more to be told. They provide a great blanket statement that allows docents and volunteers to build off of. I might have given the date, title and artist, yet there are always additional facts that come from research and training!

      Labels will never be as intimate as a tour with a docent. These are not designed to replace human conversation and interaction. They are tools to assist guests who choose to visit the home at their own pace.

  1. Great Answer Mr. Brady! I know from first hand experience your tours are the best. I learned so much about the Hermitage, the Sloane’s and their collection even with all the labels 🙂

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