Questions from the Wall

Thank you all for your questions and comments on the Hermitage. It puts a big smile on my face to see people interacting with us, even if it is just sticky notes!

Q. Why did you pick up the music room (Gothic Drawing Room) and turn it?

A. This is a fun question that speaks to many of the rooms on the property. In 1937 the Sloane family decided to make this house a museum. To accommodate the artwork Mrs. Sloane had additional gallery space added to the home. What we now call the central hall was added, as well as the painting gallery upstairs. To make this work they had to rearrange the rooms by cutting 80 feet off the home.

Q. How many people can live in it?

A. Psheeeww….no clue. The Sloane’s were a family of four, and they had some maids and groundskeepers, but I am sure you could fit even more. I would guess a family of ten would feel very comfortable here.

Q. What is the kind of wood in the home?

A. Oak walls and ceilings, teak and walnut in the floors and lots of cedar shingles on the outside.

Q. How many doors are there.

A. I have gone around the home and counted for you. Including doors for major closets we have 73.

Q.Is this place Haunted?

A. Nope, it is still not haunted.

Q. I the china all real downstairs?

A. Yep…it’s real

Q. QR code?

A. Nope…we don’t have one, but we need it.

Q. What are the different materials used in the snuff bottle collection?

A. Short list includes: Amethyst, lapis, ivory, jade, cinnabar, hair crystal, rhino horn, coral, mixed agates, etc. I am making a chart of each bottle so you can read about each one.

Q. Secret panels? Hidden Panels, etc?

A. There are several doors that blend in with the walls throughout the home. There are also spaces where the light switches are covered by “hidden” panels. This was done more for aesthetic purposes as opposed to the more exciting Scooby-Doo mystery world we all want to live in.

Q. Could you publish the architectural drawings for your next publication?

A. Great idea! Seriously… I find that material to be very interesting. I can tell you that I have already begun on the second publication but must be hush on it at the moment. That said the Hermitage Museum and Gardens book printed by Arcadia Publishing will be available the week of December 9th….so pre-order, please! It will make me feel cool.

Q. Is there a chimney?

A. Yes, we have several on the home, however, they are sealed off to prevent birds and raccoons from dying in them.

Q. Can I live here?

A. No

Q. Can more doors be open, please?

A. That is unlikely to happen anytime soon. We will have the sleeping porch opened back up in September though, so that’s at least one more room to check out.

Q. Is there a basement?

A. There is not. Thankfully! We have enough issues already. Having to pump water from a basement would be terrible. There is a really creepy crawl space though….realllllyy creepy.

Q. Do we have Civil War pieces?

A. Great question! Sad answer….we do not. At least not directly affiliated with the war. There are objects here from that time period.

Q. What are the “staff only” doors for? Don’t be selfish!

A. Smart A** answer: Staff Only.

Tame answer: Some are closets, some bathrooms, some offices and some are actually filled with candy and plastic forks.

Q. Where is Mr. Sloane in all of this?

A. Love. This. Question. He was behind the scenes my friend. He financed all of this! Mrs. Sloane went off and collected and drew attention to the arts scene and Mr. Sloane fundraised for everything. You can read about it in my book, which is available December 9th in local bookstores, and online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. (I feel no shame plugging this).

Also, a big shout out to Maury H.S. class of 1966.

Keep posting on the wall and I will continue to leave moderately acceptable answers on this blog. Thank you all!


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