Questions from the wall cont.

You all keep adding to the wall, which means I will continue to answer your questions. This time there are a substantial amount of comments. Lets start with the positives…

C: Great place to study for classes ODU 🙂

C: I’m here on a required assignment for art crit. via ODU. However, I’m HAPPY I came by because of the many beautiful hidden works of art I did not know was around. THANK YOU!

C: C’est Magnifique

C: Tom and Catherine visited and had a wonderful time. Enjoyed everything.

C: I don’t really have a question but this place is cute -Lili

C: I really like your museum – Abi A

…and the list goes on. There are some wonderful compliments on the wall and I am glad you enjoyed visiting!


Now, on to the questions and disappointments that are the Hermitage.

Q: Lots of security, what for?

A: I am glad you think so! I want even more security and why you ask? Because I believe in a Big Brother state that should constantly be watching over all of you. That and I don’t want you stealing my stuff. 

Q: How could I get an internship/volunteer position?

A: Go to our website and look up our volunteer coordinator, Allie Lane. She will hook you up real nice.

Q: Why did you keep the Hermitage a museum?

A: Interesting question. The Hermitage is a museum because Mr and Mrs. Sloane set it up that way back in 1937. It is not a choice I get to make on my own (of course i’d keep it a museum). It will remain a museum until the end of time or when the water levels rise and take this place out to sea.

Q: Why is the turtle by itself? What is it sitting in?

A: This is referring to the Peter Eudenbach show. One room had just a turtle shell in it that was hovering atop a pool of resin that was reflecting the interior of the shell through artistic wizardry. The reason why the piece was alone is because art. Get it? Also, it makes for an excellent place to reflect on what the artist was trying to achieve both visually and thoughtfully in his work. Isolation allows for contemplation and ultimately reflection (like the pool of resin!).

If you don’t know what you are talking about just over explain. Trust me…. 

Q: Why use white lettering on a tan/beige background? Hard to read with mature eyes.

A: Blame Lauren, she picked it out. I do understand your point and at the same time I can tell you we were not trying to ruin your vision further. The color schemes just looked too good on the walls.

Q: Explain the artifacts instead of just giving labels.

A: Hey…we are working on it. It takes time (and money) to feed you the info you want and the curatorial budget is limited.

Q: Would love a recorded tour of the house…

A: Me too! We are looking at all of our options and very seriously thinking about applying this type of technology to the home. Look for it in the new year.


And I am done.