I wrote a book and so can you

We are a month away from the release of the first book about the Hermitage Museum and Gardens. I will now proceed to shamelessly plug it until the Hermitage becomes rich from the sales.

I will literally make zero moneys on this, everything goes right back to the Collections coffers. So no, you won’t be fueling my drinking habits by purchasing a copy… instead, you will be enriching the collections department with funding for an assortment of needed projects. You can pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or you can buy a copy at the Museum (best choice).

If you are a member I will sign your copy at the annual holiday party on December 13. As the night goes on my personal messages will likely become more entertaining.  This will be determined by my intake of scotch and delicious foods. My suggestion is to wait until the end of the night if you want a real collectors item (he says with a long wink and nod)

Need something to put in a stocking this Christmas? BAM! Hermitage book. Want something to glow with amber richness under the light of the menorah? BAM! Hermitage book. How about that wobbly table in the kitchen? BAM! Instant steadiness with the Hermitage book. I am telling you there is nothing this text can’t do!


Buy It.


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