We continue to be a museum

My absence from the blog is nothing unusual so we will skip the apologies and just get straight to the meat.

Some end of the year highlights include:

We made a book

We are a Smithsonian Affiliate

We returned a Korean painting to South Korea where it will be repaired and then put on display after conservation.

That pretty much sums up November-December of last year. The last bit (regarding the painting) will be fleshed out further following press releases in Korea and then our own in about a weeks time. It is some pretty cool stuff and something the museum is very proud of.

Lucky for me I got to go to South Korea with the piece and say goodbye. I also met some amazing people who are now forever tied to the Hermitage (Ha! suckers…).

Here are a few pics of yours truly looking adorable in all sorts of winter wear.

2013-12-21 14.34.15

We visited Tongdosa in southeastern Korea where the painting might be exhibited one day.

2013-12-21 15.51.28

I had probably the most excellent tea drinking session of my life.

2013-12-20 16.09.47


That big building in the back is the new home for the painting. The National Museum of Korea.

There will be a nice write-up about all of this soon enough.


So what are the plans for this year? Well, I have a registrar coming in to clean up my act…so that’s a start. We’ve got some All Star artist meetings in the next few weeks and we will be exhibiting Hiroshige prints in the summer. Plenty to like in the coming months so stay tuned to your emails and don’t immediately delete them 🙂


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