I polished the silver

You might think you have muffled your voices during gatherings at the Herm, but trust me when I say that I hear everythiiinggg….

Oh, I know what you think should be done, could be done, or think you can do better than moi. Once my tears of failure have finished drying in my pillow I try my hardest to accommodate your many thoughts and opinions on collections management.

One such neglect is that silver you all know how to clean so well and I do not. HA! 

Being a man of low standards both in the dining room and life, silver has had very little impact on my development. While it may not be my field of interest it does need to be cleaned from time to time. Over polishing is not the way to go people!

You will be happy to see that I spent the day gently caressing each piece. 



Do you see the shine shooting out that case! Radiance!!!!


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