Wall Thoughts

Our question wall has turned a serious corner and has become the hottest posting spot for the most non sequitur ramblings I have seen in quite some time. Here are a few charmers…

-So Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter after all? Amazing! (False, he is the first king of Mars.)

-I just want Skylar Lyman to marry me …. (Not happening bro, she likes Justin.)

-When can you have pizza anytime? (You can have it after more punctuation.) 

-Hear da goat? (Maybe.)

-Where are the snacks? (This is a legitimate question that I want answered too.)

-mine turtle (What?How? Who? I am so confused…)

-When was phone? (Mr. Watson. Come here. I want you.)


On with the real questions.

Q: What did the car look like?

A: They had several so here are two…





Q: What’s with the tiny desk and chair in the broom closet?

A: That is where I put people who touch the art even though there is a sign that says “do not touch the art.”


Q: No map of the top floor?

A: Nope. If you had that you would know where my favorite bathroom is…and we just can’t have that.


Q: Do you have nontraditional art?

A: MMMmmm… depends on where you are going with this. What is your definition of nontraditional? Do we have melting corpses, fields of unfulfilled dreams or Mathew Barney’s CREMASTER Cycle? Nope, we do not. There are contemporary shows here if that is what you are going for.

You must remember that nontraditional to someone might be traditional to another. What does a Mongolian who has never left the steppe think of 17th century Flemish landscape painting? He might appreciate 3/4 sky to 1/4 land ratios, but that’s about it.


Q: Does the hermitage ever sell or lend its artifacts to other museums?

A: We do loan quite often. Sell not so much.


Q: What happened to the Sloane children?

A: They grew up, lived, and then died. Feeling totes macabre today. But seriously, both William Jr. and Edwin were outstanding philanthropists whose contributions to the arts in Virginia and Texas (where William ended up) are still being appreciated today.


Q: Was that a toaster in the dining room?

A: It was not! Great find though! It is a foot warmer. Did I blow your mind?








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