Questions from the Wall

Two posts in one day is hardcore for me. 

There is a nice pile of comments and questions on our wall, which means it is time to answer them with some sarcasm. Per usual we will start with the comments first.

-Organ inners are “way cool” – J. Koury

-Wonderful and beautiful collection! This place is a hidden gem ūüôā

-I like all the flowers and benches 

-Have more hentages! (I don’t know what this means, is it bad?)

-I am getting married here today ūüôā Danny (May 24) – Congrats! I hope you didn’t touch any of the art…cause I will find you if you did.


Q: Why does Abe (Lincoln) look SO OLD?

A: Because he is super dead. 

Q: Do you wanna build a snowman?

A: No, not at all… this last winter was enough cold for a decade.

Q: Why is the house shaped so exotically?

A: The house went under a series of transformations over the course of 30 years. Each of these modifications brought new shapes to the home’s overall design. It becomes exotic because of these changes, as well as the incorporation of various artistic styles. Mrs. Sloane liked to mix things up.

Q: Identify the trees.

A: No

Q: Why is there so many doors?

A: The Sloanes liked opening things.

Q: What are you?

A: I am a male. 

Q: Was the vault part of the original house?

A: Yes. The family did have a vault to stash all of their silver and gold objects should a situation arise.

Q: Offer a hidden doors of the Hermitage tour and show the closets, back stairs, etc.

A: The hidden doors tour would last all of ten minutes. The things that you can’t see/get in are left shut for a good reason. We use many of these locked spaces for storage and places for HVAC units…no touchy for you.¬†


Leveling Up

There are two things that I have consistently participated in since my childhood Рsurfing and playing video games. Sadly, my dreams of becoming a pro surfer fell short in college. That, however, did not stop me from getting really decent* at winning in the digital world. I have dabbled in many genres of gaming but have come to love RPGs, or Role Playing Games. There is nothing quite like taking a nobody bard from a generic fantasy town and turning him ( I have played as female characters so spare me your sexism ) into the most powerful being in the land. Crushing dragons, orcs and goblins is but part of my journey, as I also pay great attention to the lore of the lands. Eventually you put down the controller and realize you have invested 100 real hours in this world and are told you should feel ashamed by your peers for doing so.


I never do.

Instead I am left with a void in my human form¬†– I like playing as elves in the digital realm because of their intelligence stats –¬†which¬†challenges me to find RPG like qualities in the museum world. Odd you might say, but in reality all I do is handle treasure all day. In fact some of these objects passed through the hands of ancient kings and emperors, some were mined from the darkest tunnels and¬†others were forged in the kilns of the greatest artisans.

Every single day in the museum is like working in the halls of Erebor…minus Smaug. There is no better position than the one that surrounds you with the treasures of hundred of cultures. So even when I am not lost in a fantasy world of magic I continue to boost my stats and level up.

So go forth and find your own quest to get lost in.


* There is a professional gaming league now. People are getting paid six figures to play video games. ¬†Because of this I can no longer call myself ¬†“good” at gaming.