Buy your tickets for Bruce Munro online now!

The title isn’t asking you. It is telling you.


In case you have yet to be informed the Hermitage will be hosting  Bruce Munro’s LIGHT this Fall. It will run from October 12th to January 10th. There are dates, times and stuff that are all important, but this isn’t the place for that, this is :


So what does this exhibition look like…glad you asked.


I added a pinkish sky to make it look like twilight. I really think it brings out the autumn colors in the trees, no? The brown line represents the horizon as it fades into a mud flat. genius.

Their PR team might actually read this so, as a precaution, I have included 100% sanctioned images of the exhibit below.


Field of Light 2


Water Towers 2


This kind of awesomeness will be all over the property! Perfect for all ages and more entertaining than anything else in Norfolk from October to January (yeah, I said it).



One thought on “Buy your tickets for Bruce Munro online now!

  1. Looking from the outside in I can only imagine what went on in the hours and days and weeks of installation and the very few hours that were not occupied with the mega project . I can understand the brothers and sisters in arms that grew from such an experience. And by the way u am sure you all have learned many skills in the process . Alternate cAreers may be possible but I believe it wS worth every minute in almost hindsight. Hopefully each day will get easier and a beer or two might help. And it is truly amazing in every respect! Waves can be seen from Larchmont and the children cannot wait to come see what it is all about. And it is certainly an event that even the masses in our regional area will enjoy on some level. Fabulous job to the staff especiLly. I was fortunate to be a passionate bystander!

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