Post Auction Depression

Pepe le Pew 2

We just got skunked, and I mean pepe le pewed, at the auction house this past weekend. I had this feeling things weren’t going to go well, but this was a swift punch to the gut. I shan’t be divulging specific numbers here, however, I can tell you that we placed a good bet only to be royally flushed by the opposition. They actually had enough ones in their bid to create a continental army.

All is fair in the art auction world. I am not devastated to the point of being truly depressed (so don’t worry my three loyal readers). I think shocked is the correct term for this situation. This wasn’t my first rodeo so I have seen some success and some failure when placing bids. This time just proved that the recession is over and all of the lame ducks complaining about money need only look at the auction houses to see how the economy is doing.

Now the person/persons who won may be lovers of this period, genre, etc. and to that I would say, ‘touche.’ With that said I am still under the greater impression that people continue to see art as currency (nothing new, I know) and this is not the way to go about things.

So long as there is money and someone in power art will continue to pass through new hands.



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