From the Wall

One day I will write about my thoughts on art and our museum. Until then enjoy these random things people post on our “ask a curator” wall.

*Editors Note* : The spelling you are about to see comes straight off the sticky notes


-V was here

-I Heart (in the shape of a heart) this.

-I like pie!

-The dining room door painting is easily missed. (It is a tough one to work with. We dont want to keep opening and closing the door, so we typically leave it open…we will work on this)

-Very helpful and informative docents at the light show. (they are A mazing.)

-This is going to be my house! (take it…seriously, come here and just plant your flag. I wont fight you.)

-So pretty and detailed

-I think it needs more awesomeness, Barrett. (totes agreed)

-I love that you put your heart into these details. Thank you. From Emma. (Girl, I did this all for you)\

-Small white print on gray – too difficult to read! (I get this one from time to time and can understand your frustration. We will be shifting things around in the new year so new labels should come at that time. Until then be jealous of my 20/20 hawk vision….I can read alllll the fine print!)


-We love the exhibits!

-Love it! I remind me of chinken nugits. (Greatest. Comment. Ever.)

-I like turtles. (they are pretty dope)

-so nice

-Reese loves rainbows and wants more rainbows. (Reese knows whats up)


Q:Is this house haunted?

A:It is not an official week at the Hermitage unless this gets asked. The answer remains, no.

Q:Is this house haunted?


Q:Is this house haunted?

A:**pulls legs towards chest and begins to sob ever so lightly**

Q:Where is Pocahontas?

A:St. Georges, Gravesend…in England. She remains super dead.

Q:Why do birds sing?

A:They have terrible speaking voices

Q:Would you be able to play period music throughout the house?

A:February and March of 2015 will fill that void. Piano and organ concerts are coming.

Q:Can I live here? (I’m asking nicely), Alisha.

A:Be my guest…

Q:When was it built?

A:started 1907, lived in 1908.

Q:What scale is the model of the construction paper building?

A:I need to find this out. I genuinely do not know.

Q:Mad or nah?


Q:Can I get dis place? the Fresh Prince

A:Anything for you Will Smith!

Q:Across cultures Brown skinned people are oppressed, why?

A:People have been taking advantage of people for a long, long time. You will not find an answer by repeatedly asking the question. Instead, I encourage you to embrace the history and cultures of others and then share that with someone else, and another, then another. Knowledge is power and knowing is half the battle…..G.I JOEEEEE.

Q:Can I come back here? Thank you for letting me come here. (Haley)

A:Come back anytime, ya hear

Q:Hello my name is Conrad and I was just wondering how long it took to put up these lights?

A:Conrad, it took one month to put up everything you see outside.

Q:What was the overall net worth of the Sloane family? Great Tour!

A:Many dollars and some cents.

Q:Where can I get one of those capes Ms. Sloane is wearing in the pic in her dressing room?

A:That is actually William Jr.’s wife and she was the cotton queen in Texas.

Q:How old is this place so I can diside if I want to live her?

A:bout a 106 years old

Q:Why isnt there a scavenger hunt?

A:There is! You just have to ask the lady at the front desk for the paper. recommended ages: 5-10.

Q:Was George Washington here?

A:No, I wish though.

Q:Why is the center display case empty?

A:My Native American basket labels are coming!

Q:What are we here for?

A:Likely to continue the survival of our species via mating and child rearing.

Q:What is my lifes purpose?

A:Im gonna say colonize Mars, or owning a Pita Pit.


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