Answers to your Questions

Things have calmed down here ish, but there is still plenty happening behind the scenes. We are gearing up for new exhibitions and lots of summer programming that you better come out for…seriously, if you don’t come we will all lose our jobs. Until then enjoy these questions from the wall!

*There was an increased output of inappropriate verbiage that I found to be absolutely hysterical, but have been told by the upper brass that I can’t repeat….bummer*


-Thank you for bringing this to Norfolk – Jen (you are totes welcome)

-You should have music outdoors to accompany the lights. (That would be extra work annnnd nobody feels like doing that)

-One of the paintings is so creep. (my bad?)

-The lights are the – celine, phoebe, sam

-I heart y’all

-This house was designed by a crazy person!

-This would be a nice place for something “haunted” during October. Like a artsy pretty ghost walk or scrooge type thing. Not in these indoor parts though. (Great News!!!! we aren’t doing any of that)

-Kick logic out and do the Impossible!! (yes….totally, yes)

-I am Harry Potter. (I wish you were, so bad)

-Theres GHOSTS. (noooope)

-Authentic Floors. (Thanks for noticing)

Q and A:

Q-Whats your deal with Abe Lincoln

A-Our deal is a man named Douglas Volk whose father made the life mask for Lincoln. This made Douglas a big Lincoln fan and a man who idolized his fathers work.

Q-Why dont you put the prices on this stuff?

A-Cause even if I did, you still couldn’t afford it.

Q-What is the meaning of light?

A-Even the universe is afraid of the dark

Q-Can I spend the night here? You should organize a girl scout sleepover.

A-I have a fear of thin mint skid marks all over my floors and walls. We are going to have to think about this one a bit more.

Q-Who in fact let the dogs out?

A-They were never in.

Q-What would you like on your gravestone?

A-It could have been worse

Q- D U Hello?

A- May B

Q-Why do humans think i can never be a mermaid?

A-Because you probably are a poor swimmer who doesn’t like to eat seafood.

Q-Why does it matter what humans think?

A-It doesn’t. We are likely just star dust that managed to drift into these forms for a fleeting moment of galactic time only to be forgotten by the rest of the universe.

Q-Why is the table blank

A-I iz lazy

Q-Ever seen a grown man naked?

A-yes, every single day in the mirror and man does he look gooooood.

Q-How old is this place?

A-107 years old

Q-What is your favorite color?


Q-When were these painting done?

A-between 1850 and 1950. At least most of them.

Q-How many years did it take to carve the room downstairs?

A-Dining room: 3 Drawing room: 2