The Sloane Collection. A Book….that you read with your eyes and feel with your hands.

For a hot minute I thought it had been two years since I wrote a blog entry. It hasn’t!!! Ha, a 7 month hiatus seems pretty normal for me, and of course the reason I pop back on is to shamelessly promote a new book.

Once again I think we have done a wonderful job. By we I mean photographer Christiana Caro, designer Jennifer Lucy and me, Colin the Great. If you’re worried that we wrote something with lots of words (reading, that chore) find comfort in the fact that there are only 20 pages of typed print. Mind you I nailed those words so hard they could act as the foundation for a new Hermitage….so fear not.

Enough about me for a minute (unless you want to know more?). The real stars of this publishing are the images. Christiana knocked them out !!!! Do you see those four exclamation points? That is 3 X your standard excitement.  She is a master with a camera and you all will fall in love with her work.

The book centers around the collection (obvi) and its place in the home. Its a little bit of everything, a little quirky, a little historical and a lot of fun. The cover is so good looking that you will think you have picked up a magical tome that will guide you through Middle Earth. I am getting Mordor hot just thinking about it.

So…come on over to the Hermitage Museum. Buy a copy for $29.99 (plus tax, because we need to pay teachers more and I want better roads). And then tell me how great we are. If you don’t like it then I will ignore you for the rest of our professional relationship. So no big deal 🙂


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