Then and Now

Great Hall fireplace circa 1920

Great Hall, 2010


Then and Now

Boy's Sleeping Porch: 1940's

Public Programs Command Center: 2010

Today’s installment of Then and Now affords another glimpse of our secret staff offices. Originally the shingled home of two hand-carved beds, today’s Public Programs office is the coolest spot in town. Literally.

(“Duh, Lauren, that’s why it was originally used as a sleeping porch.”)

Kate and Melissa have the best view in the house — straight across the back lawn and down to the shores of the Lafayette River.

I promise to write a separate post about the beds very soon, but for now you can check out their conservation profile on our main site by clicking here (scroll to the bottom).

Then and Now

This is the first of a new series exploring the evolution of the Hermitage over the last 100 years. We’ll start small: below is a glimpse of the “boy’s hall” office in 1947:

The "boy's hall" office, 1947

Mrs. Sloane’s two boys, William Jr. and E.K (Edwin Knapp), lived in what is now a wing of staff offices. The fireplace — fabulously asymmetrical and inset with handmade Arts and Crafts tiles — is worthy of its own post:

This area is still used as an office today — my office!

Boy's Hall turned Curator's Office, 2010

Not a day goes by I don’t marvel at the beauty of this place.